Money Advice For Women Who Want To Start Saving

While it is best to start saving money at a young age, often times this isn't accomplished until adulthood. I know I didn't begin to have a savings account until my late 20's. If you are looking to secure a financial future for yourself, follow the money advice for women who want to start saving below. 1. Pay yourself first. Take a certain percentage of your paycheck every week and put it in a savings account. I just pretend that that money doesn't exist. Then I get creative on finding ways to obtain extra money if need be. 2. Get a grip on your buying habits. This is hard for us women who love to shop. I can't say that I shop less, but I have gotten smarter about my spending habits. If I need a new coat, I'll head to the thrift shops first, or I'll grab a coat on clearance at the end of the winter season and save it for next year. The money I save can then be deposited into my savings account. 3. Save your receipts and review them weekly. This was the best money advice for women that I got when I was younger. My eyes were awakened to how much I spent on coffee and lunches from convenience stores. Now I save money by making my own before I leave the house. A little preparation time eliminates the need to stop in the middle of running errands to grab something to eat. Share