Important Tips To Consider When Choosing A Paper Shredding Service

It is almost impossible to not be be aware of the impact that identity theft has on hard-working Americans every year. In addition, the current HIPAA  laws present with very strict guidelines about protecting the confidential information of patients and there is also the obvious problem of maintaining physical control of years worth of customer, employee and medical records. Therefore, paper shredding is an essential issue for every business to consider and implement.

#1-Be Sure That The Paper Shredding Service Complies With The HIPAA Laws  

Although any medical facility or health insurance company has been expected to protect the privacy of all individuals with whom they do business for many years,  the HIPAA laws that were passed in the 90's and improved in the years since has made doing so even more important. 

Specifically, since HIPAA laws govern not only how information is maintained in electronic and physical form, but also that records must be safeguarded until disposal,  failing to do so could be problematic for your clients or employees, but also very expensive for you. Unfortunately, the current laws do not specify how you can dispose of that sensitive information. You can shred, burn, pulp or pulverize the records, so that they cannot be reconstructed or accessed again.

Burning often provides unfortunate environmental challenges and pulping, whether mechanical or chemical, is often time-consuming.  Pulverizing paper is similarly time-consuming, since it involves both shredding and grinding. Since you would be shredding the paper in order to pulverize it, it seems silly to do more than you need to. Therefore, hiring a professional shredding service is only logical. 

#2-Know How FACTA Compliant The Company Is  

FACTA, which you may also know as The Fair and Accurate Transaction Act, is applicable to any employer, debt collector and other companies that could logically be given access to client records,such as lenders, landlords and insurance companies. Therefore, you should know that it requires any papers containing consumer information to be shredded in such a way that reassembling it would not be practical. Unfortunately, that rule is vague enough that many consumers have not been adequately protected and companies have been sued, because of that failure.

As a result, you should make sure that any paper shredding company that you may be hiring has a good record with protecting the information they are entrusted with. For example, simply shredding the paper is not enough. Instead, it is better to cross-shred it.   

In conclusion, paper shredding is vital to protecting the privacy and confidential information associated with the normal administration of almost any business. Therefore, you should be sure to apply the above tips when you are shopping for the most appropriate paper shredding company, such as, for your needs.