Using Vehicle Wraps To Advertise Your Business

Finding creative ways to get the word out about your business can be a challenge. If you are trying to reduce your advertising costs without limiting the number of potential customers that you can reach in a day, you may want to invest in signage for your business vehicles. With 212 million licensed drivers in the United States, vehicle signage can be a great way to target a captive audience.

Here are three tips that you can use to design effective vehicle signage in the future.

1. Keep your design consistent with the style of your vehicles.

When it comes to wrapping a vehicle with advertising signage, it's important to take the style of your fleet vehicles into consideration. Large, rugged vehicles look best with bold signage that captures the onlooker's attention.

If your fleet vehicles are smaller in stature, a bold design could be overwhelming. Opt for a cute or efficient theme for these smaller vehicles instead. By ensuring that your design complements the style of your vehicles, you will end up with advertising that is both aesthetically pleasing and effective.

2. Keep placement in mind when designing signage for your vehicles.

As you work to design advertising materials to be displayed on your fleet vehicles, it's important that you carefully consider the placement of each element on your vehicle. Since the exterior of a car or truck features many curves, you must account for these curves in your design.

Keeping major graphic or text elements away from curves in the body of a vehicle will ensure that your advertising message doesn't become distorted once it is placed on your vehicle.

3. Keep your text messages short and sweet.

When trying to deliver your advertising message through print or radio, consumers typically have ample time to read the text that is included in your advertising design. Signage that is incorporated into the design of your fleet vehicles must be able to deliver the same advertising message in a limited amount of time.

Experts estimate that motorists have anywhere from three to six seconds to read the text on a wrapped vehicle as they pass by. Keeping your written messages short and sweet when it comes to designing vehicle signage will help you get the most value from your mobile advertising in the future.

Vehicle wraps are creative ways to spread the word about your business. To ensure your mobile advertising design is effective, make sure the design complements the style of your vehicles, has images and text placed correctly, and features short written messages that passing motorists can easily read. Contact a sign manufacturer to get started on designing your vehicle wrap.