3 Reasons to Lower Prices on Your Country Club's Memberships

As the years have gone by, the cost of membership for your country club may have gone up. This can seem normal and even unavoidable, since the costs of keeping up the golf course and the rest of the club might have gone up too. However, if you work with a private club consulting group, you can look for ways to cut the costs of operation so that you can, in turn, reduce the cost of memberships. These are a few reasons to consider doing so.

1. Encourage New Memberships

Your club will never grow if you don't bring in new members every once in a while. However, it can be tough to bring on new members when your membership costs are high. Reducing costs, offering specials, and offering various methods of payment—such as the option to pay on a monthly basis or all at one time—can help you encourage new sign-ups, which are good for any country club.

2. Retain Memberships

Even though you may have had some of the same members for many years now, there is a chance that people might think twice when renewing their memberships. Nowadays, with so many public golf courses, public pools, and nice restaurants, many members might find themselves rethinking their memberships and whether they are worth the current cost. This is especially true as members go through basic life changes such as retiring or sending their children to college that might cause them to rethink their financial strategies. By lowering costs, you can provide an incentive for members to maintain their memberships.

3. Ditch the Stereotypes

For years, many people have thought of country clubs as being snooty and expensive. Although you may want your club to be thought of as being luxurious, you probably don't want to go along with the same old stereotypes. By ensuring that your membership rates are reasonable and fair, you can help ditch these stereotypes and show the world that your country club is welcoming to people of all different income levels in your community.

As you can see, it can be a smart idea to look at ways to reduce the cost of membership to your country club. If you are unsure of where to start, consider working with a private club consulting group, which can help you cut costs while also making positive changes to your club, such as bringing in more members.