Three Things To Make Sure Are Covered Under Your Insurance Policy When You Start Working As An Independent Trucker

When you are a trucker who works as an independent contractor, it is important to make sure that you take the time to get the proper insurance. When you work for yourself, there are many things you need to make sure your insurance coverage covers so that you can be protected from any accident that could happen while you are hauling loads for customers. The guide below walks you through a few things you need to make sure your insurance policy covers when you work as an independent trucker.

Ensure Your Truck Is Insured

You need to make sure that your truck is fully insured before you take it on the road. You want to be sure that any damage you to do another vehicle or property is covered by your insurance and you also want to be sure that any damage that is done to your truck is covered. Maneuvering a large truck can be difficult from time to time and being fully covered will ensure that you are able to get your truck repaired quickly if you do accidentally run into anything.

Ensure Your Loads Are Insured

When you have trucking insurance, you need to be sure that the loads you carry will also be covered by your insurance. The insurance company will give you guidelines as to what can and what cannot be covered by your insurance policy. There are sometimes weight, size, or value restrictions put on the coverage, so be sure to know exactly how much coverage you have for your loads before agreeing to do a job for someone. It should be written in the insurance agreement clearly.

Ensure Your Belongings Are Insured

If you plan to work as a full-time trucker, you will more than likely invest in a large truck that has a sleeping space built into it. When you travel, you will more than likely take things with you, such as a laptop or portable television. Be sure to let the insurance company know what belongings you take with you on your trips to ensure they are covered under your policy in case they are lost, stolen, or damaged.

Once you take the time to make sure that all of these factors are covered by your insurance, you will be ready to hit the road. Carry a copy of your insurance coverage everywhere you go so that you can show potential clients that you have the insurance needed to cover anything that could possibly happen to their load while you are hauling it. It will give them peace of mind and increase your chances of getting great paying jobs because they will know their property is covered no matter what.

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