Keeping Your Money When Paying For A Bail Bond

If a loved one requires a bail bond to get out of jail, a bail bond company can help you get that money in a quick manner. However, you need to make sure your loved one makes it to court or else you will end up paying the penalty of their failure to show up.

Failure To Show Up Will Cost You The Bail Bond

First of all, you won't actually be in any danger of criminal prosecution. A bail bond is like an insurance policy you take out to ensure your loved one shows up to court. If they fail to show up, you won't get any of your bail bond back. In fact, you will also be responsible for paying the rest of the bail, as you typically only pay a portion of the full bail to get a person out of jail.

Unfortunately, this can also cost you any of the collateral you put down on the bail bond, such as a pink slip to a car or even a real estate lien. This money will not be paid back to you if your loved ones fail to show up or if you fail to pay the bail bond price. Thankfully, it is possible to get your bail bond financed to avoid excessive monetary loss.

Some Services Will Offer Financing Options

In the worst case scenario of your loved one skipping town on their bail, it is important to understand the types of financing options offered by bail bond companies. Most won't charge a financing fee or ask for collateral from you for the bond. In fact, they may even accept co-signers (which makes the bond easier to achieve and pay) and will work with you to make a payment plan.

Those who have good credit and who are working steadily typically qualify for these types of financing plans. However, the best way to avoid paying an excessive amount of money is to work hard to ensure that your loved one makes it to court on time.

Making Sure They Show Up

If your loved one doesn't plan on skipping town after getting bailed out, you still need to work hard to make sure they get to court on time. Take a look at their court date and time and put this time on your calendar. Remind them of the court date regularly and discuss their attendance as an important way to avoid you having to pay extra money.

You also need to really emphasize how important it is to show up to court for their sake, as failure to show up will put them in even more trouble than they would have been during the trial. It makes a person look extremely guilty, too, which could paint them in a negative light when they are caught and brought back to stand trial.

Even if you literally have to drive your loved one to court and sit with them during their court date, it is worth it. Sure, it might cost you an afternoon and some time at work, but it will ensure you don't get stuck having to pay a huge bail bond bill.