New to Travel Sports? Items You Want to Have

If you have a child that is getting involved in travel sports, and you feel like you spend a lot of time in parking lots or while waiting around for games in events, there are some items you want to always have in the trunk. You want to be ready for any type of weather and to be stuck at a tournament or competition for hours if needed. Look at purchasing and storing these different items in your car.

Easy-to-Use Tent

A tent or canopy that you can pop in seconds is going to get a lot of use over the years. On hot sunny days, it can be used to provide shade for you, your little athlete, and even for the cooler that is storing all the cold beverages. This will also keep items dry, protect you from rain and snow, and be a great way to outline a gathering area for a group of people. You can set these up in a parking area or in an open field.

Multi-Purpose Cooler

You want a cooler that keeps beverages and food items both cold and hot so you can leave food that is cooked throughout the day and know it will be warm when you return and so you can have beverages that stay cool for hours. Make sure the cooler has a drain plug to easily remove access water. Wheels and a handle can be helpful as well. Some coolers even have multiple compartments.

Small Generator

If you want to charge a phone, run a radio, start an electric grill, or have other electrical uses, you want to get a small generator that you can use instead of your car. There are a lot of models that will run after they've been charged at home or that can be solar powered or powered by gas.

There are some items you'll know you want to have, like chairs for seating, blankets for cold weather, and an umbrella, but these are the things that you may not know that you need yet. There are so many great supplies you can get to store in your vehicle while you are on the road and traveling to different sporting events that will make being a parent and a spectator at the events easier. See what you can store and get all loaded up with before it's time for the next game or tournament.