Helpful Tips For HOA Board Members

If you live in a housing or condominium community, you might be asked if you want to join the Homeowners' Association (HOA) for your community. When you join, you become a board member and not only keep up with the latest rules of the HOA, but you may also be responsible for things like collecting fees or helping resolve conflicts between residents. Here are some tips for being on the board.

Know the Rules and Keep Up With Changes

The first thing you need to do when you join the HOA board is know the rules for that particular community. Each community is going to be different, so knowing the bylines of the HOA board is essential. Also keep in mind that things change occasionally, so you should also be up-to-date with these changes at all times. Don't be afraid to ask questions of other board members or the leader of the HOA so that you understand the rules and regulations, and can therefore be an integral part of the board. Being open to learning about the rules and what is expected of you is essential when you join the HOA board.

Understand What You Can and Can't Do

A common mistake made by people who are new to an HOA is not understand what you can do or enforce in your community. There are quite a few responsibilities you might have, but there are also things you are not permitted to do. For example, many HOA boards allow members to inform them of a resident that might be breaking the rules, but is not permitted to speak to that resident on their own. This is something that should be brought up to a higher-level board member to decide if any disciplinary action is to be taken. Really understand what your specific responsibilities are, and what you can and can't do as it related to the community and residents.

Attend All Board Meetings

Part of being on the HOA board is going to the meetings, so do everything you can to attend each of them. These are usually scheduled in advance, so you should be able to arrange your schedules in order to attend. Become familiar with the procedures of board meetings so you know what to expect and can plan ahead of time. Typically, different locations will have their own procedures for the board meetings.

Never be afraid to ask questions of more experienced board members when you are new, whether you need to know how to resolve a conflict or unsure about a particular HOA guideline.