Common Mistakes Made When Interviewing At A Staffing Agency

A staffing agency is an excellent place to get connected with work that you truly desire. But many individuals approach a staffing agency a little too much like an employer. There are a few things that you should avoid at an interview with a staffing agency, if you want to get the best results. 

Not Being Honest About Your Flaws

When it comes to a job interview, everyone is used to having to recite the same answers to certain questions. "What are your major weaknesses?" is often answered with a list of strengths. But when it comes to an interview at a staffing agency, it's generally better to be completely honest. The staffing agency is going to be looking for a good fit for you among many different places of employment. They have the flexibility to be able to work around any of your perceived shortcomings rather than dismissing you as an employee immediately.

Not Thinking About Your Goals

It's very important to be specific with the staffing agency about what you want. What are your long-term goals? What is your five year plan? Are you interested in a temporary position or a permanent position? The staffing agency doesn't just work for employers; they also work for you. Their ultimate goal is to find you a position that you truly desire. 

Not Asking About (and Comparing) Benefits

Many staffing agencies essentially lease their employees to employers. Because of this, the staffing agencies themselves are the ones that cover benefits. From retirement plans to insurance plans, benefits are a way that a staffing agency is able to remain competitive in their field. It's important for you not only to ask the agency about their benefits but also to compare them to other similar agencies.

Not Interviewing Them Back

Because a staffing agency essentially works to get you a job, it's important for you to ask what they are going to do for you. How many leads are they going to offer? Who are you going to be working with? What are the most common positions in your area of expertise? The staffing agency is also competing for your business and should be able to answer these questions easily.

As long as you can find a staffing agency that you work well with, it's often highly preferable to trying to find a job on your own. Through a staffing agency, you'll already have access to a significant number of employers -- all you'll need to do is show up to work.