What To Do Ahead Of Time So Moving Is Easier

The day you move to a new house can be hectic. There are a lot of things that need to get done, and doing it all that day is a recipe for trouble. Use these suggestions so you're better able to make a move without too much unnecessary stress.

Get the Moving Truck a Few Days Ahead

You might have put a deposit down on a moving truck and plan to get it on moving day. However, part of the stress of any move is not being able to fit everything into the moving truck or having to load it up the same day you have to clean out the old place.

To give yourself more time, get the moving truck some days before you have to move. You may need to pay for the additional time, but it is worth it to be able to put things in the truck at a more leisurely pace. You may wish to pack up a room, place the boxes into your truck, and then clean the room well after it's empty.

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Use Color-Coding

Looking at a bunch of brown or white boxes can cause stress when you get to the new place. Taking them out and putting them all in the living room so you can sort them out is likely to give you a lot more work to do.

Save some time by packing up each box and sealing it with colored tape. Use a single color for every space; for example, you might use blue for all the kid's bedroom items. This will give you an easy way to know where every box goes. If you've got people helping you unload the truck, stick a couple colored pieces of tape directly on the door so they know which color belongs in which room.

Pack One Moving Box with Things for Your First Night

When you get to your new house, you're probably going to be too exhausted to unload your moving truck all at once. That can be a problem, as you'll need some things from different boxes in order to make beds and wash up for the night. It can be hard to find all those boxes without unloading, even if you've color-coded them.

Therefore, make things easier and pack up a single box to contain everything you'll need to get a good night's rest when you arrive at the house. It should include:

  • Toothpaste and toothbrush
  • Body wash
  • Sheets and Blankets
  • Fresh change of clothes
  • Magazines
  • Night clothes
  • Toilet paper

Putting these pointers to use will ease some of the stress that accompanies a move. When you do some prep before the big day, you'll be in a better position to make things run smoothly.