Cool Gifts To Bring Good Chi

Want to bring a bit of good chi to someone special? During difficult times, a bit of positive energy and good chi can be invaluable, bringing hope and a sense of security to those who might need it most.

Consider these cool gifts to bring good chi:

Aragonite Bowl

Aragonite is attributed for a number of holistic benefits, from combating illness to preventing muscle spasms. An aragonite bowl is a unique, typically hand-carved item that makes an impressive gift, plus it is a healing mineral.  Aragonite can help with vitamin deficiencies, stress, poor circulation, and overall pain.

Evil Eye

The Evil Eye is a traditional symbol that is utilized to bring good luck to a home or individual. The Evil Eye, when worn, can also defuse negative energy and remove curses, according to its 3,000-year-old legacy. You can find jewelry, key rings, and pictures of the Evil Eye icon to wear, share or give as a gift.  

Wu Lou

Another cool gift that has good chi is the Wu Lou. The Wu Lou is a gourd that has been carved and treated to act as an instrument of sorts, representing long life and good health. The Wu Lou also symbolizes luck, wellness, and prosperity- and is a particularly popular gift for those that are ill in many cultures and regions.

Himalayan Slab

A Himalayan salt slab is a cool gift for anyone with an interest in cooking or the kitchen. These slabs are used similarly to a cutting board, infusing your food with the health benefits and flavor of authentic Himalayan salt, which is lauded for replenishing electrolytes and valuable minerals which can help prevent nerve pain, alleviate muscle pain, and improve bone health.

Quartz Heart

Give someone special a sweet carved heart from quartz, such as rose quartz. These small mementos can be carried close and are considered to be helpful in finding love and forming lasting relationships. Rose Quartz also represents a love of self, wisdom, faith, dedication, and inner strength; many feel that rose quartz helps to manifest their true sense of purpose, too.

Bamboo Plant

Another gift to share is a lucky bamboo plant. This is a popular choice among those that subscribe to the Feng Shui theory; it is a hardy and low maintenance plant. Lucky bamboo is said to remove negative energy and attract positive chi.

Want to give someone special a bit of good chi? Consider bringing a little hope, positivity, and good energy with one of these gift ideas.

To learn more about handcrafted natural mineral bowls, reach out to a professional near you.