Use A BBQ Smoker To Prepare Tender Meat That Is Flavorful

A robust mesquite flavoring or one that is mild with subtle hints of sweetness can greatly improve any meat variety. If your mouth waters when you think about seasoned ribs that contain pieces of meat that pretty much fall off of the bone and melt in your mouth, purchase a BBQ smoker that will help you attain the results that you crave.

Why Use A Smoker?

Using a gas or a charcoal grill will help you throw together an impromptu backyard meal, but the results may not always be appreciated. Since basic grills heat up food quickly and raw meat is directly over a flame throughout the cooking process, uneven cooking and burning are two common issues that people are presented with. A BBQ smoker cooks meat at a low temperature, and the heating chamber runs alongside the grate that meat is placed on.

While the smoker is being operated, meat is infused with the scent of wood chips or charcoal, and even the toughest cuts of beef or pork will be tenderized during the process. A temperature gauge is located on the outside of a smoker, and this will allow you to keep an eye on how hot the smoker's internal temperature is.

If you would like to take your time with meal preparations and wish to acquire a distinct flavor and tenderness, turn the temperature down. The meat will cook in its own juices for several hours, and the outer coating will darken over time.

How Do Models Differ?

An upright smoker resembles a circular canister and contains a lid that separates from the cooking chamber. A horizontal model lays flat and is often oval or rectangle-shaped. A horizontal model has a lid that lifts upward but that does not separate from the cooking chamber.

Choose a smoker that utilizes the fuel source that you prefer. Scented wood chips, pellets, or charcoal pieces are required with various smoker models. Before you use your new smoker, read the instruction manual that came with it. Use spices or a rub to season the ribs or any other type of meat that you are preparing.

Avoid using liquid marinades or BBQ sauce since these products will drip down into the smoker and make it more difficult for you to clean up after you have prepared a meal. If you insist on using a wet ingredient in order to prepare a special dish, add a thin, even coat of the product to each piece of meat. This will minimize the drippings that wind up in the base of the smoker.

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