4 Reasons Every Tattoo And Piercing Shop Needs An Autoclave

Tattoos and piercings allow people to express themselves, changing their bodies however they see fit. When customers come to you for body modifications, they put their trust in you. You must reward that trust by keeping their bodies safe through proper sanitization practices. An autoclave is a vital item for any tattoo and piercing shop. Here are four reasons you need an autoclave in your business:

1. Prevent the spread of bloodborne illnesses.

Skin is a very important part of the human body. It protects a person from illness and injury. There is a risk of infection whenever the skin is broken. Dirty needles and tattoo guns can increase the risk of infection. Bloodborne illnesses, like hepatitis and HIV, can linger on equipment that is not properly sterilized. Prevent the spread of bloodborne illnesses between customers by investing in an autoclave.

2. Save time on sanitization.

Autoclaves sanitize tattoo and piercing equipment quickly. Thanks to the use of pressurization, the interior of an autoclave can become very hot. Hot, pressurized steam surrounds your tattoo and piercing equipment and sterilizes it very quickly. Full sterilization can be achieved in as few as 20 minutes, according to Explain That Stuff. An autoclave will allow your employees to spend less time cleaning their equipment and more time working with clients and designing new tattoos.

3. Protect your employees.

You must protect your customers, but you also have a duty to your employees. Piercers and tattoo artists come in contact with sharp objects and blood throughout the day. Proper sanitization techniques can prevent them from getting sick. Purchase an autoclave to give your employees the tools they need to stay safe on the job. The right instruments will lower your chances of being held liable for a preventable accident.

4. Save money on tattoo and piercing equipment.

Without an autoclave, tattoo artists and piercers are forced to use disposable tools. The cost of using brand new tools can add up over time. Sanitization equipment allows body modification workers to safely reuse tools, lowering your overall costs. Your savings will only increase over time, which makes an autoclave a solid investment.

Autoclaves are excellent tools for promoting safety and efficiency in tattoo and piercing studios. Allow technological advancements to help you work smarter, so you can rest assured that you're doing everything you can to protect your artists and clients when you invest in an autoclave machine.