How Can A Temporary Job Service Help Recent College Grads?

If you've just graduated from college, your next step may be to look for a job. While you can certainly apply for jobs on your own, one way to improve your chances of employment is by working with a temporary job staffing service. While you may want permanent work, a temporary job agency can help you find flexible projects so that you can bring in a source of income while you still explore other options. While you typically have to pay a percentage fee to the agency to keep working with them, the good news is that a lot of staffing services can provide benefits and insurance plans for the people they work with. Here are two ways a staffing service can be beneficial to recent grads.

They Can Help You Shorten Your Job Search

While recent grads may have internships and volunteer work on their resumes, they may have employment gaps unless they were working part-time during school. Job hunting on your own can be frustrating because you may see a job that you're qualified for, only to find that the position requires years of experience. Plus, applying to jobs on your own can be difficult because the hiring recruiter may be inundated with resumes, or you may have to fill out numerous personality/skills assessment tests and still have no guarantee of an interview. In short, a temporary job service can be beneficial because these professionals act as a mediator between hiring organizations and you. Once they have assessed your resume and skills, they can directly connect you with employers so that you aren't wasting your time. While your temporary work may start out as short-time projects or seasonal work, the great benefit of using a staffing service is that these positions can often open the door to a permanent job within a company.

They Can Help You "Test Drive" a New Profession

According to one study, only 27% of college graduates actually work in a field that's related to their major. For instance, philosophy graduates tended to end up in journalism or education-related jobs. While you may look for jobs that are specific to your major, you may be drawn to unique positions based on your skillset and passions. It can be intimidating to commit to a new job, so working with a temporary staffing service can be beneficial since you can dip your toes in many different industries before committing to a more permanent position. If you do a good job with a temporary position, the staffing agency will be more inclined to recommend you to other employers since your good work also reflects on their services.

Reach out to a staffing service in your area for more details.