How To Tell If A Commercial Building Has Indoor Air Quality Problems

Commercial building indoor air quality is a problem for numerous reasons. To address the situation, you need to tell if a facility has IAQ concerns. If a location exhibits any of these six issues, it might be time to address commercial building IAQ.

Moldy Smells

Even if don't see mold growing, it could be lurking in odd places. Mold often grows in ventilation systems. It also can grow behind fixtures or even inside walls, floors, and ceilings. Frequently, the first sign that it's present is that the space smells musty like a cold and damp basement.


Sufficient ventilation and climate control should prevent condensation. You may see condensation on the windows or walls because the cooler air outside can act as a condenser. In extreme cases, condensation may drip from the ceiling. Condensation fosters mold, and you should address it as part of a regimen of facility air quality maintenance. In lesser cases, the space may merely feel humid during warm days.

Workers' Sickness

An unhealthy environment can cause workers to get sick. If you notice that many workers are absent due to illness, the problem could be IAQ. Especially in environments where people work with volatile chemicals, you need facility indoor air quality maintenance. Otherwise, exposure to those chemicals can irritate people's airways.

Dust, sand, pollen, sawdust, and mold also can sicken workers. If there is insufficient airflow, the air can even become saturated with bacteria and viruses during the peak of respiratory illness season in the fall through spring.

Declining Productivity

Poor air quality can inhibit productivity even if workers are present. Concentrations of stale air drive down performance. Even in a low-exhaustion setting like an office, you need to be aware of commercial building IAQ. Monitor productivity and consider whether the air could be affecting performance.

Instant Improvement Once Outdoors

If you can instantly tell that the air is better when you walk outdoors, that's a bad sign. You may see that workers take more outdoor breaks, even if they're not conscious of why they prefer to do so. Particularly if your facility is an environment where chemicals are in use, you want facility air quality maintenance to achieve results similar to what you have outside.

HVAC Problems

Finally, the HVAC units can suffer if the air quality is sketchy. You may need to replace filters more often than expected. Also, units might require more frequent repairs. Units can run hard to overcompensation for inefficiencies, too.

For more info about commercial building IAQ, contact a local company.